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Abdominal lipectomy also known as: abdominoplasty, tummy tuck, plastic abdomen surgery or postpartum surgery. The procedure has 4 objectives: flatten the abdomen, eliminate Stretch marks and flaccidity when removing extra skin, stress the waist tying the abdominal muscles, and reconstructing the bellybutton so that it looks smaller and younger. The result: to improve total body contour. This procedure goes well with back, waist and abdomen laser or ultrasound liposuction to improve silhouette even more.

This surgery is indicated for patients who want to correct changes produced by pregnancy and/or obesity that damage skin with skin marks, increase the level of fat, deform the belly button and separate abdominal muscles. It is made with an incision at the panties level of the abdomen from hip to hip (so that it covers it) and said objectives are accomplished.




Total lipectomy is the most frequently used technique since it is indicated in more than 70% of postpartum women. It is made with a long incision on the lower abdomen (pubis) to remove extra skin, tie the muscles and remove skin marks. Said scar is hidden in the panties and is not seen. Use of small panties biking allows to show a flat and rejuvenated abdomen. It may be complemented with back and abdomen liposuction aside from flanks to mold your figure even more.


All techniques may be appropriate, what is important is that they are performed by a certified plastic surgeon who advises which technique is most appropriate for you.




Mini-lipectomy is the option when excess of flaccid skin is not a lot and pudges in the abdomen are small. It is carried out with a much shorter incision than lipectomy, similar to the Cesarean section, in the lower part of the abdomen, near the pubis. In this case the bellybutton is not displaced and the abdominal muscles are tied. It is ideal for young postpartum patients who exercise and that despite their good body they are left with some extra skin after pregnancy.

All techniques may be appropriate, what is important is that they are made with a certified plastic surgeon who advises which technique is the most appropriate one for you.

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Dr. Minyor Avellaneda

Academic Training
  • Member of the Colombian Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Society.
  • Associated member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).
  • Volunteer at Fundación Operación Sonrisa Colombia (Operation Smile Internacional).
  • University of Birmingham, Alabama (United States), Observership.
  • Maxillofacial and pediatric surgery atChildren's Hospital Alabama (United States)
  • Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, Universidad El Bosque.
  • Physician - Surgeon Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá.


To Our Office
1With what other names is this procedure known as?
Lipectomy, abdominoplasty, abdominal lipectomy, plastic abdomen surgery, postpartum surgery.
2How long does this procedure take?
If a lipectomy without liposuction is carried out, surgery time is 2 hours, if liposuction is added this time increases to 4 hours in average.
3How long is the recovery?
Patient may return to your working activities from the fourth day on depending on each patient’s recovery and the kind of labor activity they have.
4What is post-surgery about?
It starts after surgery. Where we make sure that you feel comfortable, without pain and/or inconvenience. You will see tape and bandages in the abdomen, which cover the abdomen. Further to this, massages and drainages begin. Post-surgery is pleasant and not necessarily painful. Technologies such as ultrasound among others are used in this, to accelerate reduction of swelling. A breathing incentive and other additaments that we will provide you will be used.
5What post-surgical precautions must I have?
Basically, to follow recommendations and take the medicine. Physical activities such as sports may be done again a month and a half after surgery and may gradually increase intensity.
6If I am a foreign patient, how long do I have to stay in Colombia?
It is advisable to stay in Colombia for at least 15 days following the procedure, of better post-surgery control.
7Am I going to have anti-aesthetic scars after surgery?
NO. Although surgery does leave a long scar, it is hidden in your panties because it is low (near the pubis) and this way it is not visible even using a bathing suit. We have a complete scars clinic which includes laser to care for it and give it a better look according to evolution and your skin characteristics.
8Which is the most appropriate technique for me?
Dr. Minyor Avellaneda, plastic surgeon, shall advise which is the most appropriate technique for your specific case. Valuation is essential to determine your condition and the objectives of surgery.
9Can this surgery be combined?
Yes, lipectomy is combined with liposuction in more than 60% of times. Other surgeries that we frequently do are breast enlargement, rhinoplasty and bichectomy. What is important is that when doing it safe surgery time is not exceeded.