Breast reduction



What is

Reduction mammoplasty

Reduction Mammoplasty or breast reduction is the procedure that aims at reducing breast size and volume. Mammary hyperplastic (disproportionate breast enlargement) may be presented because of genetics, hormonal changes, weight gain, further to pregnancy or for menopause. It is characterized because of progressive and abrupt increase in size of breasts that is translated into back pain, loss of breast shape, enlargement and fall of areola and nipple.

Through surgery, the aim is not only to reduce size and volume of both breasts but it is also necessary to reduce their weight, lift the areola and nipple, give them a rounded, natural and stylized shape, maintaining results in the long term.

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Dr. Minyor Avellaneda

Academic Training
  • Member of the Colombian Plastic Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery Society.
  • Associated member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).
  • Volunteer at Fundación Operación Sonrisa Colombia (Operation Smile Internacional).
  • University of Birmingham, Alabama (United States), Observership.
  • Maxillofacial and pediatric surgery atChildren's Hospital Alabama (United States)
  • Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon, Universidad El Bosque.
  • Physician - Surgeon Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá.


To Our Office
1With what other names is this procedure known as?
Reduction mammoplasty, breast reduction, breast reduction surgery.
2How long does this procedure take?
Surgery time may vary according to each patient’s particular case, but it may be around 3 hours approximately.
3How long is the recovery?
Recovery time for this procedure may be between 3 to 5 days.
4Am I a potential prospect for reduction mammoplasty?
You could be a potential prospect for breast reduction surgery if you have: a size of more than 34, if there are back, neck and posture problems, also in case of asymmetry of size between one breast ant the other or after breastfeeding in which breasts have enlarged their size a lot.
5How is this procedure done?
Planning is a key element for surgery. It is essential to establish the objectives of reduction and shape that the patient wants with the surgeon so that they may be translated into the final result. Precise marking is made with a meter and markers with the patient standing and lying. The procedure is made cutting part of the breast and repositioning it, scars are previously agreed on with patient.
6What special precautions does reduction mammoplasty have?
Drainages, bandages and post-surgical bra are left after surgery. Patient must sleep in a semi-seated position, watch for feeding in the first days after surgery, do not perform high impact exercise, do not drive during the first week, and do not lift heavy objects. Patient must take medication and recommendations from surgeon, and attend periodical checkups with surgeon and physical therapist to control evolution of surgery.
7Am I going to have anti-aesthetic scars after surgery?
Every procedure related to surgery implies scars, nevertheless, plastic surgeons are experts in hiding and minimizing scars, regardless of the procedure that is performed. The shape of a reduction mammoplasty scar depends on the technique chosen by the surgeon.
8Does it hurt much?
More than pain, which is very bearable, it may cause discomfort because of swelling.
9Can this surgery be combined?
Yes. This is possible in as much as the patient gathers the medical and anesthetic conditions to perform combined procedures and to be on the surgery room longer. These are safe surgeries and without complications if they comply the requirements. Aside, they allow aesthetic results to be better, all in the same surgical time, one same anesthesia and one same post-surgery.